Cardano Stake Pool

Low fees, high performance, and low energy consumption
bare-metal stake pool. 
We have operated discontinuously since 2020 💪


Baremetal Servers​

Unlike cloud-based stakepools, our bare-metal infrastructure boasts unmatched stability and security.
32GB RAM - 8 cores up to 4.4GHz servers 3TO storage

Green Energy​

Our low-energy consumption servers operate in France, one of the lowest carbon-emitting countries in the world.
15W CPUs - Low emission

0% margin fees​

Our stake pool is optimized for maximizing rewards while minimizing fees.
0% margin fees & 170 ₳ fixed cost

Single Pool Alliance​

CBFR is a member of the Cardano Single Stakepool Alliance​

DexHunter Partner​

Get boosted transactions on Dexhunter by delegating to CBFR ⚡️

Testnet Stakepool

CBFR is available on the preview network.